Witnessing and telling a story

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A sequence of events happens. Various individuals witness the same sequence. When they are asked to tell the story of what they’ve seen, each person brings his or her own baggage in to the recounting of events.

Those who are involved in the narrative are regarded as having particular motives. In some cases they get a chance to tell their own version of the story, which is also subjective, in the sense that they also bring baggage to the table.

Information is important because we all need to co-exist with each other. Some people have learnt that they can do one thing and claim to be doing something else. The notion of “fake news” has taken over as an easy way of getting away with all sorts of behaviour.

An operative does his or her job in good faith, believing that he or she is reporting to colleagues who will keep his or her observations within the appropriate circles. Unscrupulous elements decide to leak the information, so they can create new narratives to justify unjust actions.

Is there any point in communicating with each other anymore, if we cannot be sure that our fellow humans are going to be honourable in the way they handle information?