Working day and night

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Working hard or working smart? This is the question. Once upon a time, I found myself in a situation where some mistrustful people thought I was trying to pull a fast one on them. It was linked to a misunderstanding about working methods and I spent a considerable amount of time, trying to allay their fears.

I went into the situation with pure intentions. Every step of the way, I was interrogated about aspects of the process we were collaborating on. It dawned on me that the people in question were incapable of recognising the potency of free flowing creative energy. They were more interested in seeing the application of elbow grease.

Money for bang, or getting one’ s money’s worth for services rendered makes a lot of sense in some situations, such as working on a production line in a factory, perhaps. Even athletes probably need to invest many hours and lots of energy in training to attain competitive standards.

In the realm of generating ideas and out of the box thinking, maybe things function differently. Many artists have regular work hours and habits and do their best to be frequently productive, but to quote an old timer, “these things can’t just be turned on, like a tap”.

Is it possible to teach or learn about ways of nurturing creative energy?