Yesterday, seen and heard today

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‘Extraordinary how potent cheap music is’, a renowned dramatist wrote. I noticed some video clips on Twitter yesterday that affirm the veracity of this remark.

A striking pop music moment was presented in an updated performance by the original artiste. Hearing the voice and melody brought back memories and triggered reflections about inspiration, choices and resilience.

Artists can be inspired by a stimulus to function within a wide range of options. Some folks simply imitate the original source, while others set out on journeys of expression that are only tenuously connected to the prototype.

Revisiting the stimulus decades later could also raise questions about process and product. Some folks are better suited to being picked and used as human commodities than others. A strong core personality is likely to want to take charge of one’s own affairs. Sometimes this can make a difference, regarding a person’s ability to survive.

Surviving to see and hear a stimulus from decades ago is something worth celebrating.