You, me and the divine

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If each person is a work in progress, moving towards a form of completion, then maybe one of the mysteries of life is about who the artist or craftsperson is, making the work. Some folks need religion, because they feel most comfortable with the idea of a divine source pulling the strings. Others want to do it all by themselves. Is there a third way that involves each person listening to the divine element within and acting accordingly?

Many people would look at an organisation such as Boko Haram and would condemn their actions. There is no doubt that it is wrong to impose a way of thinking on others through the use of violence and trying to create a fearful atmosphere. The defenders of that movement’s way of seeing the world are likely to have arguments to justify their actions, based on what they regard as misguided notions about book learning, as typified by the Western model of literacy.

Fela Anikulapo – Kuti expressed a similar idea in his song “Follow follow”. I’m not suggesting that Fela would have been a supporter of Boko Haram. The key idea available to everyone is that we can and should take responsibility for our worldviews and the way we function.

Inspiration can be drawn from a wide variety of sources. Literacy is important, but only as a means to an end, to help each of us in making choices and decisions.

The divine element within each person is hopefully aiming to make a contribution toward making the world safer and better in the long run. What will we learn if we listen?